A great lobster editedp700.jpg

 A Great Lobster

awesome blue tang700.jpg

 Blue Tang

Banded Butterflyfish700.jpg

 Banded Butterfly

Chain Link Eel700.jpg

 Chain Link Eel

Yellowtail  at Sombrero700.jpg

 Yellowtail at Sombrero

Fish at the Barge700.jpg

 Fish at the Barge

Hogfish at cleaning stationvrt600.jpg

 Hogfish at Cleaning Station

foureye and coral juv700.jpg

 Foureye Butterfly at Coral

Christmas Tree Worms700.jpg

 Christmas Tree Worms

The Barge700.jpg

 The Barge

cool coral blueheads parrot etc.jpg

 Cool Coral Bluehead Parrot

Green Turtle ok.JPG

 Green Turtle

delta monument700.jpg

 Delta Monument

Golden Trumpefish700.jpg

 Golden Trumpefish

Good Foureye Butterflyp700.jpg

 Foureye Butterfly Fish

Grunts and Snapper ok.JPG

 Grunts and Snapper

HB awesome600.jpg

 HB Turtle

just coral700.jpg

 Coral Abounds


 Coral Angel

Pair of Spotfin Butterflyfish700.jpg

 Pair of Spotfin Butterfly Fish

parrot and remorap700.jpg

 Parrotfish and Remora Friend

Parrot and Snappers700.jpg

 Parrot and Snappers


 Porcupine Fish

Scrawled  Filefish700.jpg

 Scrawled  Filefish

Carmen's Scorpian fish700.jpg

 Carmen's Scorpian Fish

Shark Harbor reef scene700.jpg

 Shark Harbor Reef Scene

Blue Parrotfish700.jpg

 Blue Parrotfish

T-35 another old hawksbill700.jpg

 Hawksbill Turtle

Two Banded Butterflyfish700.jpg

 Two Banded Butterflyfish

Young Hawksbill700.jpg

 Young Hawksbill


 Keys Iguana

Queen Conch Shell700.jpg

Queen Conch Shell

BW Kittens700.jpg

  Keys Kittens

Horse Conch Shell in Color600.jpg

 Horse Conch Shell

Islandmorad sunset good700.jpg

 Islamorada Sunset

Banana tree touched up600.jpg

 Banana Tree

Palm trees500.jpg

 Palm Trees

Sombrero Lighthouse.jpg

 Sombrero Lighthouse & Reef

Dry Tortugas 2002700.jpg

 Dry Tortugas 2002

Marathon Airport.JPG

 Marathon Airport



Carmen Powers is a native Floridian who has chosen to settle in the Florida Keys. As is common with many Keys residents, Carmen has retired from a prevous life in the fast lane, a career in the medical field as well as ensuring her children entered adulthood with a strong foundation, and can now devote time to one of her passions, art. Photography is just one of the many ways Carmen expresses her creativity and looks at the underwater world of the Key's reefs as her canvas.

To learn more about Carmen and the Art & Photography she offers for your enjoyment go to   www.carmensart.blogspot.com
Or contact Carmen direct by email ( click below) for information on prints & note cards available for purchase.

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Carmen Powers
P.O. Box 501751
Marathon, Florida 33050

All Photographs are the property of
Carmen Powers.